la storia e ricca di misteri irrisolti

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ANTONIO MARINELLI, SALVATION COME EAST – THE ADVENTURES OF ANDRONICUS. Ania greeted Andronicus and left. So from that meeting grew a strong friendship with each passing day it became increasingly intimate. In fact, one evening, while they were talking, Andronicus confessed that he felt for her more than just friendship, then gave her a kiss and even Ania did not hesitate to tell him she was attracted to him. One evening in his room, Andronicus began to reflect on that relationship. He knew that soon he would have to go, so if the relationship had become a true love would be a lot of pain for both. So after a sleepless night thinking about what to do, he decided more drastic and painful, because he knew that he loved her and this worried him. The next day with a lump in my throat spoke of their history and that everything was unthinkable. She was very disappointed, saying that the words of love and kisses had were a deception, Ania answered harshly and mentreparlava tears streaming down her face. Andronicus wanted to explain why, but could not calm her and as she walked away she yelled at him not want to see again. Some time later, during a party at court, Tamerlane had to receive foreign ambassadors. On that occasion, presented some of his children to Andronicus, one was called Giahangir who commanded the army of the north, the other Shah Rukh who was governor of a province of India in addition to Omar, who knew very well. These were just some of the sons of the Khan as he had many others, for he had many wives and many concubines, however, as was traditional Mongolian receptions wore his favorite. <> <>. So he called shortly after and incredibly approached the girl he fell in love …. (CONTINUED)

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